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Current networks can’t scale to meet rising data consumption

Globally, as mobile data usage skyrockets, consumers have to pay increasingly higher costs due to a rising number of cell towers and Wi-Fi access points.

  • Your mobile data plan will get more expensive…
    Upcoming cellular networks (5G, LTE-U stations, and femtocells), accomplish higher bandwidth with smaller coverage areas per cell tower, and will require more and more towers to provide coverage.

  • You will have even less Wi-Fi access... 
    Newer Wi-Fi (5Ghz, etc.) accomplishes better speeds with higher frequency and reduced coverage. Even now, one Wi-Fi router cannot sufficiently cover a single residence. Expanding coverage depends on adding more routers, making comprehensive Wi-Fi networks extremely expensive.


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Meet Anyfi’s New Internet

Anyfi expands connectivity at scale by wirelessly connecting devices in a decentralized, P2P mesh network, lifting our dependence on centralized network infrastructure.

With less infrastructure needed, mobile data costs are lowered and Wi-Fi is more affordable.

With Anyfi, Internet access can be spread to all at the trivial, unnoticeable cost of latent bandwidth.


Expanded Coverage


Congestion Control


Automatic Updates


Advanced Security

Use Cases: Wi-Fi Sharing

Until now, being out of range or not having the password meant no Wi-Fi access. Now with Anyfi, users can get Wi-Fi through nearby connected Anyfi devices.

Personal/ Home

“Just Use Anyfi!” 
Form a mesh network of connected devices to extend connectivity to the furthest reaches of your home without extra routers or range extenders.

Dorm/ Office Building

Hey, can you Anyfi me?” 
Make sure you get Wi-Fi in your room and office area. Your neighbors or office-mates with Anyfi can extend Wi-Fi coverage to you. With a community of Anyfi users in your building, each access point is super-powered, giving you complete coverage. 

Large Venue/ Municipality

“Do you guys use Anyfi?”
Get free Wi-Fi everywhere with a big enough Anyfi community in your venue and city! As you’re walking around with Anyfi on, Anyfi automatically switches to the best Wi-Fi signals in the mesh network to keep you connected. 




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