Using Anyfi mesh at Home

We've been getting a lot of inquiries into consumer use of our android app (
Can I use this at home with my family and friends? Can I spread Wi-Fi throughout my home with spare smartphones using Anyfi?

The answer is Yes.

We've all experienced the stress of coverage dead-spots within our homes. It may just be a small part of your bathroom or even a whole room or floor, but 1-router home solutions are often not sufficient. This can be because the layout of your home (doors, windows, walls, corners, etc.), or the number of connected devices, or even signal congestion. 

Current solutions include mesh router solutions or range extenders but they can be costly or difficult to install and set-up. 

With Anyfi, you can get complete home coverage utilizing the smartphones you already own, without any further purchases or set-up. The only thing you need is for all smartphones to have the Anyfi App installed.

Smartphones running Anyfi within the range of your home's Wi-Fi relay the signal to smartphones that are outside of your router range. This could mean that a roommate or family member in a room that has strong signal relays the Wi-Fi to those in rooms with poor signal, or just placing a spare smartphone wherever and whenever you need an extra Wi-Fi boost. 

When all your devices are connected, your screen may look something like this.

When all your devices are connected, your screen may look something like this.


Easy and simple as that, the Anyfi app helps you achieve full Wi-Fi coverage in your home. 

Please let us know about your experiences with using Anyfi to expand your home Wi-Fi range. We'd love all feedback and comments!