Anyfi in Action: Congestion Control

With Anyfi, more devices can connect to your existing Wi-Fi. We developed our product to minimize speed loss in the network through each device “hop”.

While traditional Wi-Fi networks suffer when more users join the network, Anyfi-enabled networks scale to meet demand with Anyfi's built-in traffic synchronization algorithm.

In this video, 19 devices simultaneously share a 12 Mbps connection through Anyfi and stream HD video on Youtube.

  • Just one device (in the center showing a purple screen) is connected to the Wi-Fi access point. This device is relay its Wi-Fi connection through Anyfi. 
  • The other 18 devices are connected to the internet through Anyfi. Each of these devices is streaming random videos on Youtube without buffering. 

To control network congestion, Anyfi has: dual band support (2.4GHz / 5GHz), packet synchronization, and dynamic bandwidth. Read more about Anyfi's congestion control here.

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