Anyfi in Action: Expanded Coverage

Anyfi solves the age-old Wi-Fi problem of small coverage areas. By tapping into the latent bandwidth locked away in user devices, Anyfi can offer connectivity over a large area with just a handful of Access Points.

In this video, we show you firsthand what Anyfi's coverage expansion looks like. 

In the video, 

  • Part 1) The first device (A) connects to a normal WiFi router (AP),  and is able to use internet. This device has Anyfi running. 
  • Part 2) The next device (B) is on airplane mode with no internet connection. Anyfi is then turned on. The device then connects to the WiFi AP through the previous Anyfi user "hop" and is able to watch videos on Youtube. 
  • Parts 3-5) Part 2 is repeated with the next 3 devices (Devices C, D, & E). Each device is located around 20 meters from the previous one. These devices went from having no internet connection, to turning Anyfi on, to connecting to the previous Anyfi device,  and surfing the internet. 

Shot in one take, this video shows Anyfi connections happening automatically as the user runs the application. Each time Anyfi extends the range to a new user, around 20 meters of coverage is added. 

In total, over 4 user "hops" in which the Wi-Fi range is extended, a total of 80 meters was added to the Wi-Fi coverage. With enough user density, this equates to an coverage area increase of 40,000m² to the access point. 

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