Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Anyfi?

Anyfi is a software-defined wireless network of user devices and access points for the enterprise. By using users’ smartphones and PCs to expand the coverage of the existing network, Anyfi can achieve high-quality enterprise networks with significantly less hardware and cost.  

The software is installed on users’ devices in SDK or standalone app form.

See the feature page for more information.


2. How can Anyfi solve problems that traditional WiFi infrastructure cannot?

Anyfi can extend the range of your WiFi to places where it is difficult or impossible to install new Access Points. Our software also effectively handles peak-time traffic issues by making it possible for more users to connect to the network with minimal congestion. Additionally, Anyfi networks have lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) than traditional networks because upgrades happen organically through the users.


3. How do I get Anyfi for my enterprise?

Contact us to get a license key and to get a price quote.


4. My enterprise does not have a standalone app… can it still get Anyfi?

Yes, contact us to discuss possible Anyfi solutions for your enterprise!


5. What platforms does Anyfi support?

Android (Lollipop or higher) is supported currently, with Windows and iOS set to launch soon.


6. Will Anyfi slow down my Wifi connection?

No. With Anyfi, more users can connect to your existing WiFi at existing speeds. We developed our product to make sure that this maximum potential speed is maintained throughout the network through each user “hop”.


7. Will Anyfi eat up my mobile data?

No. Anyfi is a pure WiFi solution. It uses zero carrier data.


8. Will Anyfi drain my battery or cause it to overheat?

We at Anyfi have optimized our product to minimize battery use and overheating. An internet connection with Anyfi uses less battery power than a typical LTE connection.


9. What is the typical range of an Anyfi connection?

 Anyfi’s connection range varies slightly with the types of user devices in the network. On average, each “hop” through a smartphone adds 40 meters to the range. With a two hop network, 80 meters is added to the range of each existing Access Point. This equates to an increase in coverage area of around 40,000m² for each Access Point.


10. Is Anyfi available to consumers?

Not yet... but stay tuned for more updates  ;)